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Christ this is scary

2013-02-16 11:02:37 by GreenShark4

I haven't been on this website in ages.
Dear GOD this is frightening.
I would like to apologize for all the low quality material I've posted in the past, I can assure you I've improved a lot. For why I haven't been on recently, a combination of things. I've been incredibly busy, and I kind of lost interest in this site. I'm not sure why.
But anyhow, I'm back, sort of.
No gifts this time around.


2011-06-27 12:58:39 by GreenShark4

And I come bearing gifts.

I Wub You All!

2011-04-30 14:12:16 by GreenShark4

Hello, my loyal fans (those two guys waaaaay over there)!
As I stated a month or two back, Cr0w is meant to be a general electronic music project. With ¡Greek Air!, I wanted to make a happy, electro/techno feel. In SW, BT, I switched to harsh hitting bass and kick to make some electro-industrial. Now, for dubstep. This is difficult because of the crapload of settings you have to play with. But I will survive. And I will be utterly humiliated by xKore. Oh well.
\ /

Latch Brothers, REBORN!

2011-04-03 13:53:40 by GreenShark4

So, I'm gonna dubstep this. It's nearly set up.

Latch Brothers, REBORN!

I have a deviantART account. I'm more of a surreal minimalist artist (basically I can't draw), but I'm a pretty bad-ass symbol maker in my opinion. But don't take my word for it!
"Cool!" -Ari, via text message
"That's neat!" -Sebastian (The novio de Ari) after showing him the Cr0w symbol
"That's actually really good!" -Anthony, a cool metalhead (you should look up his band Drone, it's the shizznit)
"That's creepy." -Brian, after talking to him. I hate you, Brian.
This is a piece I call Belief. I have more stuff on my page, including some poetry.

*Sigh* Time to whore over to marketing...

I kinda BSed myself by remaining dormant musicwise, but I'm juggling 3 songs right now: The intro track to the defiant EP, Sweetie (Steamstep), the second track, Shattered Glass and Broken Dreams (Electro-Industrial), and a song made from clips of the Battlefield 3 teaser, Our Battlefield (Harsh Electronics). It'll be dope.

However, you will find its deadliness a LOT less funny

About that last song...

2011-03-10 20:04:56 by GreenShark4

Well, the moment that sorry excuse for a loop (which I deleted) was accepted, I posted an UNFINISHED version of ¡Greek Air!, a song I made for my BESTEST FRIEND EVAR and her novio, to fill up the spot. It's being fixed up with better kick, bass line, and other nice stuff as you read, if you a reading this between 5 and 12, my usual music work hours.
So, under Cr0w (AuTomaTon is gonna be more of a summer thing), I'm preparing a new 5-track EP named defiant. Stylized like that, defiant. Not Defiant. That wouldn't be very defiant.
¡Greek Air! is gonna be the 4th or 5th song, and the collected EP will be released on the soon-to-be-made Myspace page. The songs will release on Newgrounds as well with the same audio quality and all that crap. The Myspace will just look prettier.

About that last song...

30 seconds = 1 hour

2011-02-16 21:28:16 by GreenShark4

That's about roughly the conversion factor of making dubstep, at least for a beginner. It's a pain in the ASS, a lot worse than I thought it would be. I can see why my friends gave up so soon. Considering my guitar has no low E string (the most used string by me), I'm stuck with programming.
Oh well, I needed to learn sooner or later.
Oh hey want to see my band logo?
\ /

30 seconds = 1 hour

Stalling is fun

2011-02-14 21:48:20 by GreenShark4

Screw the short story, screw the world, I got Fruity Loops! Finally, a REAL music program! In celebration, I'll be creating a side music project entitled Cr0w. Imagine dubstep with electro-industrial influence and screaming. But not always dubstep.
Hey wanna see a promo pic???/
\ /

Stalling is fun

:L.. . ...

2011-02-13 22:25:51 by GreenShark4

I honestly meant to record this weekend and get it over with so I could release by V Day, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. So instead, I'll have to settle for a short story release accompanied by a link to a song that'll scare the shitters out of y'all. Terrific.
Maybe next weekend? The story is called Rivet, by the way.
\ /

:L.. . ...